Another Week

Life and work are generally chugging along, and I haven’t had much to report lately. I get up, get ready for work, spend the day there, and get home to discover it’s already 7pm and I have to buy groceries and do laundry. I haven’t been terribly adventurous outside that, in part due to the fact that despite calling my bank three weeks ago, my replacement ATM card still hasn’t arrived (last weekend I discovered that the moron taking my phone call the first time evidently forgot to click “send” and finish processing my request for a new card)… which means I’m really getting down to the end of my cash and there isn’t any extra for going out. D: I would be getting the deposit for my monthly work stipend soon, except that when my office sent my forms off to the tax man, they didn’t notice I needed another stamp from the city authority, so I have to go in next week, get it stamped, and then we have to mail it back to the tax man before I can be paid.

So money is short, but people here continue to be nice and I enjoy working at Aclewe. Life is not bad. I made this in my free time:

rocket icon

Also, here is a not-very-good picture of my desk at the office, with Claudia and Sebastian working at the other two workstations. Claudia is kind of my direct supervisor and filters my assigments. I hope to remember my camera soon and document the whole day so you can see all the excitement.

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  1. tara hillman
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    nice rocket ship!

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