Auf Arbeit

I took my camera with me to work last week so you can see sort of how my day goes.

First I arrive at the main train station, where I walk by the Cologne Cathedral.

Sometimes I buy breakfast at the bakery in the station or at the corner by the Hilton. Our building is about a block beyond the Hilton.

Our street could certainly be prettier. The office is a second-floor space on an inner courtyard of complete chaos, full of randomly-parked cars, trash, bikes, and Italian cooks taking smoke breaks from the restaurant on the street. This is the gateway where all the logos are listed. I’m supposed to be making a better version of our signage.

The office is actually kind of pretty. I wish there were more comfy places to sit with a notebook or something, but otherwise it’s nice. Very open.

Claudia, another designer who gives me most of my assignments, with her morning coffee.

Svenja is into metal and looks kind of hardcore with her tattoo, but she’s nice. Finished her study recently and got hired for designing. She’s also one of the youngest people in the office so she’s a little more on my level. :)

On this particular day I was doing a bunch of brainstorming/prepping with Sven (r), one of the project managers, and Christian (l), my sort of superboss. Since *everybody* in the office is higher up on the ladder and can give me jobs, I basically have eight bosses and I need distinct things to call them… He is one of the important people, and is my sponsor or at least more responsible for me than the others I guess.

Their (well, Christian’s) brainstorming methods seemed kind of random, but it was fun to help. Sven and I are working so hard! :P

The conference room where we eat lunch. There’s a little kitchenette in the corner for supplying our daily pasta needs. Most days at least one or two people walk half a mile to the grocery store to buy some supplies for a group lunch, which provides a nice dynamic.

“Kicker”/Foosball is quite popular at the office. Unfortunately I’m so bad at it that I tend to kick the ball into my own goal, and hence try not to disturb the pro tournaments after lunch.

Rebecca and Sven hear about work from Sebastian, one of the other designers.

So that’s how the day generally proceeds. Work is generally quiet for me, sometimes they don’t seem to know quite what to do with me. But it’s nice, and I get good practice with my production artist skills, and watching the pros do it is educational. Work ends between 6 and 6:30 and then I take the train home or to the grocery store, and spend the rest of the evening chilling.

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