My four-month apartment in the Nippes neighborhood (north side of Cologne) is a pretty sweet deal. I pay 320€/mo, which is about $440, and get my own room in a clean, new, three-person flat, complete with fancy appliances and —a rarity in Germany— a dryer. I’m waiting for the touch-sensitive stove to start talking to me. If I peer around the other apartment buildings in the way, I can just make out the twin spires of the famous Cologne Cathedral across town. The penthouse apartment is basically around the corner from the “schnell Bahn” that takes me directly to the center of town where the office is. The street with the grocery and department stores is a bit more of a walk, but not bad, and although the streets between here and there strike me as very under-lit the area here by the apartment is well-groomed and attractive.

My room
The living room
Looking along the balcony from my doorway.
Looking back down our balcony towards my end.
Around the corner of the balcony. That's right, it wraps around the side of the building.
The bathroom.

So it’s a pretty sweet place.

Oh and did I mention I walk by this at least twice a day? :D

the Cologne Cathedral

5 Responses to “Penthouse”

  1. Marilyn
    | Reply

    Gorgeous place, Ellen! I love the balcony.

  2. tara hillman
    | Reply

    wow E! you are living the good life! all your hard work is starting to pay off!

  3. Jeremy Abel
    | Reply

    Jeez lady, you’re livin large! Nice photography, too, especially the second shot. I could totally see that in like a magazine or furniture catalog.

    • ellen
      | Reply

      It helps to have a good camera and a sunny morning ;) I got really lucky when this turned up in my apartment searching, that’s all.

  4. Jill K
    | Reply

    Oooh… I’m kinda super jealous! And you have a door straight from your room to the balcony!! As long as there’s no psycho roommates, I’d say you’re pretty much livin’ the dream!

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