The Lolrus Theme

I think that despite my years of doing web design/dev, and studying new media design, that perhaps my strength lies more in designing things that hold still – ie, static or print pieces. While I really enjoy designing things like business cards and the restaurant menu project from the summer, this really isn’t where the demand is.

So I figure that I should practice designing websites just for fun, trying to focus on making them look pretty, instead of paying so much attention to the architecture, interactions, whether it’s meeting the clients needs and whatnot. I don’t plan on actually writing the CSS, but if someone else does, please go ahead! I’d appreciate it if you made note of me as the designer, of course.

The design uses tan and navy colors with Gotham Bold, Cambria Italic, and Verdana typefaces. The photo is from iStockphoto.

I couldn’t come up with any better text (the standard lorem ipsum gets boring) so enjoy the silly text about Lolrus & Co Bucket Makers. Link to the PSD.

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