Bits of 3D

Recently I downloaded some 3D software to have another project in my after-work time. I’ve been playing around with it, getting the hang of the controls again, since I haven’t done anything with 3D since the spring. Especially difficult is that I no longer have a 30″ monitor on a Quad-Core Mac Pro like at school! Here are some little projects I’ve been doodling around with in the evenings.

I’m so pleased with this! It’s not exactly the way I usually draw Frogtopus, so maybe “cthulhuoid” would be more appropriate – initially I wanted to model Cthulhu, but twining the tentacles without collisions took a fair bit of work and by that point I didn’t want to do more than add the head and a couple of eyes. I like the way the textures came out and decided to render out desktop sizes. Hope you enjoy!

320x480 (older iPhone/Touch size)
Trying out some old assets in a little still-life
Abstract (or an economist's graph, according to some)

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