I went to see Harry Potter 7 part 1 last night, which I was excited about even though I knew it would not be all that awesome. I was rather disappointed that despite being promised by my coworkers that there would be lots of people dressed up, I only saw a handful of people with Harry Potter glasses and scars much less anything serious. The most awesome part of the movie was probably when the theater quieted down at the end of the trailers, and the WB logo in traditional stormclouds appeared, and into the hush, some guy at the front started singing the melody to the theme song. I was disappointed that the music wasn’t at all as awesome as that, but since the song everyone recognizes is called “Hedwig’s theme,” I guess it makes sense they wouldn’t play it much. Evidently John Williams hasn’t been doing the music for quite a while, and I finally noticed it this time – too bad, he did a good job with the early movies.

I’ve never been a big fan of the 7th book (Snape chapter excepted – those seemed to get more awesome as the series progressed). Over the summer I reread the book and found it more of a carefully crafted puzzle than I remembered, but still a lot of teleporting around in the woods and arguing. The movie cut out most of the carefully crafted bits and mostly left the teleporting and arguing and discovering artifacts at regular intervals (I felt the scene near the end with Luna’s dad in particular was disappointing in that it lost all impact of there being an arguably “good” reason for him to have done what he did). The locket scene was also rather awkward, if you watch it you’ll know what I mean. And while there were a certain amount of well-integrated special effects, I was left wondering where their presumably massive budget went. Moving costs, to actually go to each of the places Harry and Hermione teleported to? I don’t know.

So yep those were my thoughts on the movie. Low expectations were met but still glad I went. Wish I could go with Americans who were raised on the books to the midnight showing in costume! :P

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