Navigational System

Since the landlord is evidently hoping to wrap up the navigational system project that we have going on in a hope to make sense of our poor chaotic parking lot courtyard by the end of the year, I guess we are trying to come to the end of the project. Here’s some of the work I’ve done for it.

First, photos of the chaos:

A Photoshopped photo with a rough idea of how things would be set up:

Some technical diagrams:

A page from the Powerpoint presentation with the first version of the design:

My latest version of the design set:

The project is kind of frustrating for me because no one seems to have a clear direction we’re going in – it’s mostly speculation as to what the landlord will want, and shooting in the dark. Also frustrating is the fact that the entire courtyard somehow manages to be made of corners – there’s barely a flat section of wall anywhere! However, it’s cool to get to design a whole set of signs at the same time. We’ll see how it turns out.

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  1. Angus
    | Reply

    Your design and mention of the Frutiger font caused me to look up that font. This led me to the Breughel font which I really like for a serif font. What do you think of that font, just out of curiosity?

    Nice designs.

    • ellen
      | Reply

      Well, I haven’t heard of Breuhgel before, but Adrian Frutiger is a famous typographer and any time a font has numbers after it like 55 or 75, that’s a good sign because it means it comes in serious professional weights – so those are two points in its favor right there.

      From a brief look at the sample Linotype provides, it looks interesting – the slab serifs give it a modern solid look, and a couple of those letters are treated interestingly – the ‘b’ for example – and the tapers in the uprights give it a kind of graceful look, sort of like a serif version of Optima…

      My initial reaction is that it seems like a pretty and unique typeface but that I don’t know where I’d use it because it seems a bit confused. Slab serifs tend to look very solid and the tapered uprights tend to look graceful. I haven’t done much magazine work, but maybe it would be good in that environment? The “about” for the typeface mentions that it sets up a rhythm, which I can imagine, and would probably make for good reading in lots of paragraph text.

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