Merry Christmas from Chiron Beta Prime!

Since Germans primarily do their celebrating on the 24th, I can now cross “Christmas in Germany” from my list of things to do in my life. Although I had some doubts at the start of the month, I would say that I’ve done pretty well in celebrating the holiday.

We had vast quantities of thick fluffy snow for the past weeks, and it even looked like a snow globe outside the window at work some days. I enjoyed the blizzards and lovely fresh snow as long as they didn’t hinder my transportation. I experienced the first winter-solstice-and-total-lunar-eclipse since 1638, which is bound to be pretty lucky! I visited a couple of Weihnachtsmärkte (Christmas markets) and drank some Glühwein (that stuff is weird, but I admit that it’s nice and warm, and pretty good when you’re standing around with your friends listening to an outdoor choir). I watched some soccer with someone who actually likes the game (okay, not Christmasy, but definitely adds to the German experience) and went out dancing and drinking on at least one Friday night. I designed a pretty cool Christmas card for our client, and had multiple tasty Christmas lunches at work. I got a pair of designer headphones from work with Aclewe’s logo printed on them, and a shiny new iPod Touch 4G (as in the kind with a camera – Germans beware!) with an extra 460,800 pixels of gorgeous screen detail ^_^ Here’s my little Christmas tree courtesy of my mom’s home-made advent calendar, using the exciting new widget.

check out the amount of snow – it reaches to the bottom of the deck chair…
Designer headphones from Aclewe!

Even though German Christmas markets seem to like playing cliché American songs over their speaker systems, and I’m still not sure about German food, I feel like Christms here is much, much more tasteful than in the US. I realized a few days ago how nice it is to not have a radio in the office playing awful crooning carols all the time like where I worked the past few years… That being said, there are some things I’ve missed this year.

Not that many, but the most important ones! The Louis’ solstice caroling party, my family’s marathon reading of childrens’ Christmas stories on Christmas Eve in front of the wood stove, my mom’s cooking/eating with my family/decorating our tree, and post-Christmas skiing with my dad and brother. Thanks to Skype I was able to take part in the marathon reading, which made me feel right at home for Christmas Eve. Now let’s see if New Years can compare to my awesome fancy-evening-dresses-and-Beatles-Rock-Band party last year with Rachel and Yuzi!

[Chiron Beta Prime video for those who don’t know the song]

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