Gift Boxes

Quite a bit of time has been spent at work the past week or week and a half on preparing Aclewe’s Christmas gifts for the clients. Finding little gift boxes that would be the right size, mixing massive quantities of chocolates, folding the boxes, cutting orange Aclewe paper and then building the insets for the boxes, packing chocolates in paper cups and then in boxes… I think we’re all pleased with how they came out, but glad that it’s done! That was a lot of work!

Here are some pictures. More are on the Aclewe Facebook page.

The pictures above are from Sven at work; these are some of my photos enjoying the picturesque snow on my balcony. Germany is currently swamped with snow as you may have heard, but since I ride the train to and from work and don’t have to walk very far at either end, the snow just seems very pretty to me rather than a disaster.

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  1. Angus
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    I like the picture of the sun on the snowy fir branches.

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