Nightshirt Fighting

My mom sent me a homemade advent calendar box, which has been really cute. The first day was a desk tree, and then each consecutive day there’s been a little piece of chocolate and an ornament or a tiny string of lights or whatever in a packet hung from some christmasy ribbons. Even though the construction doesn’t really have enough structural integrity (and I don’t have things to hang it from), it’s still nice to have spread out on my desk. I went to the Weihnachtsmarkt on Saturday to do some shopping and ended up getting an itty bitty christmas ornament. I think the photo came out really nicely.

♥ my macro lens!

And now an update on my weekly RPG group, because evidently they found out I have a blog and want to read about themselves. :P The two players who have been absent showed up, so I got a couple of pictures of everybody.

♥ my professional flash! I can take pictures inside!

As you can see, despite being German and having two female players and conducting the entire game with words like “Spielleiter” (DM) and “Geschicklichkeit,” (DEX) they are a fairly normal RPG group.

As I mentioned before we are in the town of Tidford staying at the inn and trying to find out why beggars keep disappearing. This week we met with somebody who is apparently the head of the mob in town, and from what we’ve heard about the circumstances, we suspect that he is dealing with passing traders to shanghai beggars. This suspicion was not helped by him inviting us to dine with him and offering us work as marines on the ship of a trader who would be arriving the next day. Evidently the river that runs through the town is “dangerous” or something? After the meeting we spent a while discussing what to do, because I think most of us want to find out what the deal with the beggars is, but are not interested in a prolonged trip down to the coastal cities. I know Miyari (me) wants to keep firm land under her feet (perhaps not as badly as LOTR Sam’s suspicion of boats, but still not her thing). Short trips in boats are one thing; being a marine at sea is quite another as far as she is concerned.

We were unable to decide what to do that night and went to bed without setting a guard, despite the DM’s obvious glee when we finally announced we were retiring. I figured it would be too meta to say “you’re cackling too much; we need to set watches.” :(

And as a result we got a fight! woo!

Miaryi was awakened in the middle of the night by a scream from the boys’ room next door. Apparently five or six thugs snuck into the boys’ room to kill the urchin who had been helping us get around town. Hearing the scream, Miyari proceeded to punch the still-sleeping sorceress and immediately run screaming into the hallway with a knife and take on two thugs single-handedly in her nightshirt while everybody else was still waking up. I suspect that next time she should pause to grab a larger weapon and perhaps put on some armor, but as it is, Miyari has had very little to do so far. Also I haven’t had a good fight in a long time and I guess I didn’t want to waste any time in jumping into the fray. The image I have in my head of the scene is awesome enough though that I don’t think I’d change my actions!

Unfortunately everybody else in the group was slow in waking up and two thugs at once were a little too much for Miyari to handle on her own, and the DM was getting really nasty rolls – I think everyone engaged in melee had their legs smashed and went unconscious fairly quickly – Miyari lasted a little longer and held out until about when Curfin (the wizard) finished waking up and started casting Sleep; otherwise we probably would have been toast. He almost didn’t make it when in his last round of waking up, he took a heavy hit and the damage would have killed him. Good thing the system has Fate Points that let him reroll… that was a pretty close battle. Once all the melee fighters were unconscious/sleeping, townspeople showed up and towed our bodies to the pagan temple to see about some serious healing. I don’t think any of us know what will happen next since we can’t work as marines, even if we wanted to, with two weeks of healing broken bones.

So, having recounted this week’s saga, it’s time to cook some dinner and then continue my German education by watching Bayern Munich play soccer.

12 Responses to “Nightshirt Fighting”

  1. Abe
    | Reply

    Yeah, in RPG-land, going to sleep without setting a watch always ends poorly. On a related note, do you remember the shotgun traps?

  2. Nate
    | Reply

    That sounds like quite an exciting night your character had there. Though now all I can think of is our first encounter in the D&D game with the color spray gone horribly wrong.

    I’mstarting to miss having a recurring game. Or maybe I just miss Hydæl.

    • ellen
      | Reply

      Abe: of course I remember the shotgun traps – I reminded you like a week ago about Kyle locking himself in his room! That was awesome, and I definitely thought about that when our first character retired early to his room. (also have you given up on being “maurice” now?)

      Nate: you have good reason to miss Hydæl. And yes, I have been waiting for a moment like the color spray incident – I was rather impressed that the DM didn’t declare all of us to be within 3m of the Sleep spell and knock us all out right then and there. Not sure color spray would be quite the same without Catboy Sorcerer though… :/

  3. Abe
    | Reply

    Well, you know me as Abe, and that’s what the website remembered, so I didn’t bother to change it. All the DC people know me as Maurice. I’ve given up on trying to change people I knew from before though.

    That actually wasn’t the set of shotgun traps I was thinking of. Were you there for the game in the Himalayas? Where Kyle built the igloo, trapped the entrance, forgot about it and blew his foot off when you guys were attacked?

    • ellen
      | Reply

      I was there for the Himalayas game – that was the one with the ghosts we couldn’t figure out how to kill, right? That was a really frustrating game. :( I don’t really remember Kyle’s shotgun traps in that one though. In the future perhaps you should not provide him with any if it was an ongoing problem…

  4. Jeremias
    | Reply

    Wow, I have to stop sitting like that! It makes me look very stocky… Ok, not so much more than in the reality.

    In telling, the game sounds actually more awesome than I remember it. But I think, that has something to do with me being very tired…

    Anyway, I found your Site and I find it really cool to read about a RPG group (I’m participating in) in a Webblog!

    Greetings and till Tuesday, your “Paladin” :D

  5. Patrick
    | Reply

    Well I was the Wizard.

    The use of sleep was alright, because it affects lower levels first, thus the thugs were the prime targets, even if some of us were also in the radius.

    Except for the “retcon” with the fate points, everything was by the rules (stupid sleepy wizards).

    Wasn’t really our moment of glory there in the inn, but maybe we’ll get another opportunity to shine or at least not suck as much.

    • ellen
      | Reply

      pffft you guys, my fight was plenty exciting. Evidently you just need to think of more interesting things to do. And then I can make them sound even more exciting when I write up what happened. I’m sure you’ll do better next time – and by that, I mean wake up faster! :P

  6. Abe
    | Reply

    The reason you couldn’t figure out how to kill the ghosts was because they couldn’t be killed. I remember when Nate said “We shouldn’t run away from these things because I know there’s no way Abe would throw an unbeatable enemy at us right at the beginning of the game,” and I just burst out laughing.

    • ellen
      | Reply

      you are an evil, evil DM.

  7. ellen
    | Reply

    Juri, I think your forum people should understand just how much I dislike D&D by comparison to pretty much every other system I’ve played. :P I’m glad they are entertained by an American perspective on their system though.

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