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First off, I should make a few comments on last week’s post since it’s gained so much attention.

  1. Evidently “Paladin” is the incorrect translation for “Glücksritter,” but since I gather this is a class specific to Midgard, and so far paladin still seems applicable, I’m leaving the way it is.
  2. The “despite being Germans” comment has nothing to do with stereotypes and wasn’t really meant as a comment on the culture here – just that this is a different country and things are often different than at home. When I started square dancing in Germany, the average age seemed to be at least twenty years younger than the average age of clubs in the US, in addition to other differences. From what I’ve seen, Germans seem much better about not being complete nerds on the scale of Americans – I assume that something in the school system makes you guys more balanced people who can interact normally with other human beings, unlike some of my American classmates at RIT – which meant that the other players could have been jocks or something for all I knew. So basically when I decided to join an RPG group I wasn’t sure what the people would be like – my square dance club last year was quite different than what I had expected. At any rate, the Midgard group turned out to be fairly similar to my “home” group in Illinois – nice, interesting, social, and clearly nerdy in a good way.
  3. Regardless of what I think of Midgard, I agree with the person on Juri’s forum that it’s hard to think of a system I consider worse than D&D.

Now, this week’s game. I want to apologize about all the asides in the telling… hopefully next week I will sleep better and write more coherently.

We left off last week being dragged to the Temple of Nathir with broken legs all around, wondering how we were going to continue when most of us needed a week or two of game time to heal – but as it turned out, Nathir was looking out for us, and several of us had miraculous complete healings overnight. The rogue was suspicious and wanted to keep watch and I guess Nathir didn’t look too kindly on that, so not everyone was blessed…

On the way back from the temple in the morning, some thug decided to drop a rock on our rogue from a rooftop (German RPG vocabulary interlude for the week: “Vier-schrötig” is used to describe the way a thug looks – the internet tells me this is because Grit 4 grain was the most coarsely milled option. huh, I assumed the term referred to the squarely-built look that a thug would have.) Artagan promptly scaled the front of the house in pursuit, only to find that getting down from heights is not quite as easy as getting up. He ended up taking a fair bit of falling damage when he did get down.

(This scene reminded me of my mom’s RuneQuest scenario that involved a lot of climbing over buildings instead of going around them while we acted as City Guard, because “it’s faster.”)

The “Paladin” knocked politely at the door of the house while the rest of us navigated the streets in the conventional manner for chasing criminals. Once we caught the guy, Curfin was excited to get to use his Control Person spell which allowed us to get some answers – or at least play Yes And No. When we tired of that we turned him in to the city guard and went back to the inn to sleep, interrogate the urchin who has been following us around, and ignore an invitation to dine with the mob boss because it “might be dangerous!”

The group also declined to take my suggestion of just setting fire to the presumed-abductor’s ship. :(

Eventually we settled on allowing Artagan to sneak into the mob boss’s house while he was out meeting with us. Artagan poked around and found plenty of suspicious-looking papers – only to realize that hecan’t read – so he plundered those and the bag of gold in the desk, which strikes me as writing “PCs were here” in signs that all can read. We kept the mob boss busy as long as we could, trying to stretch out negotiations with the captain, Eorl, and agree on terms for our contract as marines. He ended up agreeing to raise our wage to 30 GP per day, which is absurd and makes me wonder what is going on, assuming his plan is more interesting than “kill them as soon as we leave the dock.” The close of the meeting and Artagan finishing up in the house are where we left it for the night.

We’ve been playing this for weeks and I’m rather confused about what’s going on. The rumors now sound like the beggars might be being kept in town, and the mob boss just wants to scare us off? But the statements from townspeople suggest a correlation between ships being in and beggars disappearing, which would suggest our course of action is to sign on with the ship and go in search of answers there.

We still have like twelve hours before the ship sets sail; there’s still time for us to enact my plan of making life exciting by setting things on fire!

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  1. Harry
    | Reply

    Hi Ellen,
    I really like your reports about playing Midgard. :-)
    Just as a hint, “Glücksritter” you may translate best as “soldier of fortune” or “venturer”.
    Keep Gaming

    • ellen
      | Reply

      Hey Harry, thanks for the compliment! And thanks for your response, I would love to hear more from the new German readers. :) For “Glücksritter” I could of course translate it literally, but most of my readers play American RPGs, and I decided it was more important to show his niche in the team than be accurate and lose their understanding.

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