Friday was an exciting day! In the morning Svenja and Claudia and I took a trip to a print shop outside of town. That was quite interesting because I know so little about the way the print process works in reality. I saw the huge printers that they print RIT’s magazine on and of course I worked with the digital printers at the Hub to print a few projects. Seeing how they do spot/Pantone colors for big print runs with rubber rollers and stuff was cool. I was reminded so strongly of all the science/engineering tours I’ve been on with my dad that it felt like he was there, except that he wasn’t constantly asking overly-technical questions. ;) Watching the mechanisms for feeding paper into the machines and stacking magazine pages was cool – it worked differently than the “big digital printer” way that I had expected – and I came out very impressed that engineers could figure out how to make such complex devices to handle each part of the process. Afterwards I don’t wonder to me why there are so many problems with printing though. For one thing, I learned that they have to guess at calibrating the size of ink dots that the machine lays down, because the dots of the first color grow due to being squeezed through the machine another three or four times. This is the 21st Century… how do we not have science to do this?

This tour was all in German, by the way. ^_^ I was proud I understood almost all of it, especially with the noisy printers in the background. A large fraction of the terms used in interactive media are stolen from English, but this is not so much the case in printing.

At any rate, the sample of the program we were getting printed was more or less in order so we left after my tour and spent most of the afternoon back at the office stamping buttons and getting other things ready for our Christmas party in the evening. We had a delicious fancy lunch that one of the women in the office cooked for us, and then schlepped the party stuff to the brothel to spend a couple of hours setting everything up.

Yes, that’s right. Our office Christmas party was in a brothel.

Well, technically, in the burlesque stage/bar in the basement, which had the same plush-but-tacky decor that I would have expected. Worn red velvet, some pseudo-oriental stuff, weird stains on the wall upholstery, and a painting of a woman with a bit of gauze not even trying to cover her… but with our red lamps and blacklights set up and the overhead lights turned off, it looked pretty cool.

We got as much blacklight stuff as we could find – glow sticks, blacklight facepaint and regular paint, neon tape to decorate our shirts, drink sticks – even the pseudo-Red Bull glowed a bright green under the blacklight, which was really creepy. There were vast quantities of alcohol that had to be stashed under the bar, snacks to be distributed, DJ equipment to be set up, and so on, but despite all that we finished about an hour before the party was supposed to start, and guests didn’t really turn up until another hour or two after that.

Sven, me, Rebecca, Claudia, Anne, Svenja, Wiebke, Christian, and Sebastian is absent

I am really bad at parties so I ended up leaving before it really got going after midnight, but I heard afterwards that it was unusually scandal-free for Aclewe Christmas parties. The only news-worthy thing that apparently happened was one of the guys in the office went out to get some fresh air and woke up the next morning wedged between two dumpsters and freezing among the street rodents. Evidently he fell down and then was too tired to get back up and ended up sleeping right where he was. D:

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