Monthly Archives: January 2011


One of our recent projects at the office has been designing the trade show paraphernalia for a big office supply distribution company. Our theme was “networking” (in German) and I really enjoyed the idea I had for how to show this (which I totally think was more applicable than some other versions we presented, but evidently it was too (more…)

Merkel Monday

Things have been quite busy lately, between preparing the annual report design project at work – which has been occupying whole days for me – and searching for a new flat before my current lease runs out. Due to this search I missed the end of the Midgard game on Tuesday, so I will have to get the story from one of the other players (more…)

Aclewe’s Work

We’ve been using the quiet time around the new year to update Aclewe’s portfolio, studio presentation, etc, and I’ve been assigned to photograph our print work. Here are my favorites. And yes, maybe I did go a little overboard using the macro… but it’s so much fun! (more…)

Fail Party

Last Tuesday was another interesting day in Tidford. When last we left off, we had been in a meeting with the local mob boss and his merchant captain about whether we would take work as marines on the boat. For some reason the captain was willing to pay us 15 GP/day, apparently to get us out of town and out of Boss’s way as soon as possible. (more…)

Snowy Berlin

I took the train up to Berlin on the 25th to stay with Janine’s family. My train was cancelled, which made things exciting, and I finally got in around 11pm, and between the cold and the long day, I was pretty happy to hear Janine’s mom had some delicious duck leftovers ready for me. Nom nom! (more…)