Aclewe’s Work

We’ve been using the quiet time around the new year to update Aclewe’s portfolio, studio presentation, etc, and I’ve been assigned to photograph our print work. Here are my favorites. And yes, maybe I did go a little overboard using the macro… but it’s so much fun!

SQS is one of our heaviest-workload clients and gives us their client magazine “Quality” to design. Kurzfilmfreunde is a short-film convention here in Cologne and we designed their ads, posters, etc.

Bosen Baumanagement is a consultant for organizing construction of skyscrapers and the like.

You may remember that I designed a mockup website for Audimark as my interview project for Aclewe back at the end of the summer to make sure I wasn’t lying about knowing Photoshop. Here’s what Aclewe actually developed.

And I also photographed Aclewe’s corporate design/office stationery stuff in all its brilliant orange-red-magenta glory. Color correcting these to look accurate was fun times.

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