End of Midgard

It took me a while but I finally got the end of the Midgard tale and here it is…

The week previously, we had finally found the root of all the evil-doing, and made it as far as breaking into the hidden lair where he had been working his magic. I’m going to call him Spiderman, although something Asian would probably be more appropriate since he was basically presented as a mystic ethnically-Chinese warlock or something.

He and his two undead flunkies came upon us just as we were finishing up our investigation of the hidden rooms, and as we were finishing up with the flunkies, Spiderman … turned into a spider. A GIANT spider. I’m not sad I missed that scene. :P There was a great battle, in the middle of which Curfin evidently decided to be stupidly gallant and try to climb out the second- (or third-?) floor window while carrying the unconscious Miyari and also trying to help Jehan fight off Spiderman. I appreciate the thought, guys, but I probably would not have done the same when faced with a giant spider boss – especially since the player for the unconscious character is unlikely to play Midgard again within the timeframe of her internship.

Well, it soon became clear to Curfin that this was in fact a bad idea, and he gave up on Miyari to concentrate on helping Jehan fight off the spider, and somehow I guess they managed it and then called the city guard. Everybody searched the house and found plenty of evidence against Spiderman, seeing as in addition to practicing necromancy he had a demon guarding his basement laboratory, where some heavily-drugged beggars were being kept.

The town apparently then sent us off to the city where we’d been headed in the first place with the charge of “accompanying” the forbidden books and magic supplies. Does this seem like a good idea to you, giving a bunch of adventurers lots of powerful forbidden magic stuff?

At any rate this allowed us to find out what our fancy magic items were. The main one was a crystal which allowed Spiderman to expand his influence to control multiple beggars simultaneously. He had been using the mind-controlled beggars to create a network of informants, presumably for the usage of his mysterious evil cult. The story closed with the party waiting in the city to learn the magic guild’s results of the lengthy translation process for the exotic books of evilness.

My guess is that they say something along the lines of “Cthulhu fthagn,” but who knows…

Next week I will be moving to a new apartment closer to the center of town, and the RPG group is taking advantage of this to get in some Pathfinder/D&D 3.5, since I will not be around to gripe about how much I dislike D&D. I’m going to be kind of disappointed to only be gaming every other week while they pick up that second game, but so far Shadowrun has been enough fun that hopefully that will assuage my sadness. ~_^

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  1. Juri
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    A very accurate account of what happened. Thanks for sharing!

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