Fail Party

Last Tuesday was another interesting day in Tidford. When last we left off, we had been in a meeting with the local mob boss and his merchant captain about whether we would take work as marines on the boat. For some reason the captain was willing to pay us 15 GP/day, apparently to get us out of town and out of Boss’s way as soon as possible. Art, our rogue, had stolen various documents and a fair bit of gold from Boss’s house he was occupied with us.

Since only two characters could read, the first order of business for the day was for them to read over Art’s stolen documents. We learned that a meeting for that very night (gasp!) was planned to discuss the exchange of beggars for gold! We snuck out of the inn with the plan of hiding in the orchard where the meeting would take place, but it shortly became apparent that we ourselves were being stalked too. We cleverly devised a plan to catch the stalker and left him to his fate asleep in an alley. Having arrived well before the appointed meeting time, we sorted ourselves out in various hiding places on the garden island. Art and Jehan climbed into the trees above where the meeting was to take place, while Miyari and Curfin found hiding places in a rowboat and behind a shed respectively. We were feeling pretty secure in our plan.

We enjoyed the feeling while it lasted, which was pretty much until a man with a muffled face arrived and settled down to wait under our trees. Unluckily for us, while he was waiting, noticed the two birds perched in his tree. He took off running and we followed in hot pursuit.

Or at least, Miyari did. Like a slapstick scene, the two in the trees were in such a rush that they tripped over each other and collided. All three guys spent several rounds crashing around in the dark orchard and tripping over tree roots as they scrambled to keep up. Miyari had enough familiarity with forests to make up the extra distance from her more distant hiding place, and overtake the others. Considering how badly she started rolling once she actually reached the veiled man, it might have been better to take her time and wait for the others.

Making matters worse, the mob boss and his bodyguard immediately arrived on the scene, leaving Miyari to fight three armed men for several rounds while her companions caught up. I do not play my characters for meleé combat >.< Even if she has a lot of HP, I do not like taking hits. Maybe next time, we will have clear conditions for shooting so she can actually use (and remember) her longbow…

When the others arrived, the ineptitude continued – during the entire course of her fight, Miyari made one hit, and the others didn’t do much better. After Miyari was knocked unconscious, Jehan’s sword was broken twice, and Art lost an eye and the use of his arms (“it’s just a flesh wound!”). I really find it depressing that our wizard has to keep saving the melee fighters because we keep rolling so badly. Granted, he has two levels on the rest of us, but traditionally we are supposed to be the ones protecting him! Eventually Jehan and Curfin took down the thugs and argued the town guards into believing we were the aggrieved party. They dragged us off to the temple to sleep and be healed, with orders to appear in court the next morning.

Curfin’s player is studying law, so he had no problem getting us through court – although it could also be that the DM took pity on us after our fail party in the orchard. We had to pay back the gold Art had stolen from the boss’s house during the previous game, and the mob boss got a slap on the wrist and revealed what he knew about the beggar trade. Sadly he was only a small piece in the puzzle, leaving us this week to figure out the bigger picture…

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