Merkel Monday

Things have been quite busy lately, between preparing the annual report design project at work – which has been occupying whole days for me – and searching for a new flat before my current lease runs out. Due to this search I missed the end of the Midgard game on Tuesday, so I will have to get the story from one of the other players before I can share it here. Then Friday I got sick with the flu and was in bed with a fever for the weekend. Very luckily I have somebody living around the corner willing to keep an eye on me and bring me noms (or “mampf” as the Germans might say instead) in my need. ~_^ However I missed out on both my free ski jumping class and a game night with some friends, which I’m still pretty disappointed about. Now Monday is here and I’m still not feeling great… As of today, my boss has decided that we (well, me and him since I’m the only one willing) should do some exercises during our lunch break, and considering how noticeable this is to my poor muscles I can’t decide if this development is good or not. :P

Since I have nothing else for you at the moment, have some silly pictures of Merkel that I have collected:

I like the idea that this is Merkel's "brave face."
I can't decide if she's saying, "Zip it!" or squashing heads like a student in the back of a boring class.
In this one however, I'm pretty sure she's saying, "The fish I caught was this big!"
No handshake for you!
Merkel is not impressed by you, no matter how much bling your uniform has.

I ran across this one while doing research for a design project at work. I love the contrast between the two people.
Kareoke time for the most powerful woman in the world! I wonder what song she's singing...
Awwww... :(

Annnnd my favorite picture of Merkel ever, from while I was in Dessau:

I'm really not sure what to make of her face there. >.<;

4 Responses to “Merkel Monday”

    • ellen
      | Reply

      Yup yup… one of my goals is to someday make lolmerkels an internet meme on the level with Kim Jong Il and Putin, though unfortunately I doubt it will ever really take hold.

  1. Abe
    | Reply

    Yeah, Putin has the whole “it’s funny because he could kill you” thing and Kim Jong Il has the “it’s funny because he’s horrible” thing. Merkel might be a little bit too bland. Maybe if she killed someone?

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