Janine asked me to describe Miyari while I was visiting her in Berlin, and she did a lovely drawing for me!

Although I provided more information to her orally at the time, here’s what I had written up after the first session with my character.

Miyari is a runaway serf from Ywerddon. As with many of her decisions, it was rather spontaneous, coming after the arrest of her younger brother by the occupying soldiers. Since running away a year and a half ago, she’s made her living hunting, trapping, living off the land, and doing odd jobs for local folk. When the weather got too cold she moved into town where she was mostly considered a vagrant, but managed to gain favor with some of the lord’s guards that she was periodically allowed to hunt with them.

She is generally scrawny and unkempt, and with her close-cropped curly hair she can pass for a boy without much trouble. Her defined facial bones, green eyes, and chestnut hair would pretty up well, once she was washed and dressed in something besides hard-used ranger gear. Her manner is tactless and blunt, but her bold stare from across the room when she becomes lost in thought can be quite arresting.

Miyari learned longbow and important forestry skills from her father, while her uncle taught her to fight with a staff and work with animals. Singing and dancing were common skills for the girls to learn from village gatherings, although she’s always been a tomboy.

Miyari’s family has had run-ins and problems with the occupying forces, which is why she is so keen to get money and find a way to release her parents from the land. Her brother was arrested for insulting the lord’s knights, and on another occasion her father was beaten mildly by them over a disagreement at the market.

In Tidford this week, we were finally able to just focus on investigating. None of this pesky trying to figure out how to work around the mob boss and the local law and anybody else out to get us. No more cluttered picture with mob boss and ship’s captain and some unknown person all being candidates for being the bad guy. With him out of the way, it was just piecing the evidence together, until we abruptly stumbled over the key information and found ourselves fighting with the guy who is presumably the big evil for the scenario. Our time for the game ran out just as the big fight started, and as Miyari wasn’t really healed up from the last fight, she once again went unconscious within the first couple of rounds. At least this time she got in a couple of solid hits before she went down and hopefully cleared the way some for Jehan and Curfin to fight the evil dude. Why does this keep happening to me?! :( I wanted to finally get in some fighting where I actually felt successful at my character’s job!

The DM asked that I post my sketch of the inn layout, so here it is, half in English, half in German, because that’s how all my notes are written these days:

“Zum Weissen Auge” Gasthaus

On Tuesday, we finish up the Midgard game and start on our Shadowrun cyberpunk characters. It’s looking like I’m going to play some kind of breaking-and-entering character who was a working partner in a previous team with the hacker character. That sentence was rather confusing, but I’m sure you will decipher it. If not, you’ll get to hear the run down on the characters next time.

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