One of our recent projects at the office has been designing the trade show paraphernalia for a big office supply distribution company. Our theme was “networking” (in German) and I really enjoyed the idea I had for how to show this (which I totally think was more applicable than some other versions we presented, but evidently it was too “artistic” for the client).

It’s based on the old facebook app Friend Network (is that what it was called? I forget) which placed the names of all your friends around the circumference of a circle, and connected anybody who was friends with anybody else on the list. You ended up with denser patches of lines, where for example, all my friends in J.E.L.C. knew each other, and all my RIT friends knew each other, but neither group had any connections across the diameter of the circle. I thought it was a cool tool and put that imagery to use here.

The idea was to have a set of three tall posters that would say (in German) essentially: “networked thinking” “networked negotiating” and “networked profiting,” the idea being that through the parent company (trade show organizer), the distribution stores could do better business.

My process of development:

Initial idea
My coworkers suggested a blue version
A yellow version, trying to look less like a fishing net
Networking based on the logo
Still trying to cut back on the fishing net look
Losing the curved edge
More networking
Graded line widths
Still messing with an edge
Something hideous, but interesting idea with labels from a coworker's design
Starting to get shinier; also "nteworked" is apparently too modern for the client, so we switched to "together"
Subtler tagline and shiny speech bubbles! ^_^

By the time this was over, I was having dreams about drawing lines for eternity in an attempt to appease the gods of design… o.o

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