What have I been up to?

Well, various design projects:

Sven sporting my latest creation at work in Soennecken house wares. "KRAFT GEMEINSAMEN HANDELS kochens"

The client wanted the above design done on a very short timeline, but since they thought their play on the company tagline was hilarious, they were easy to please. Also some doodles… (notice they are iPhone dimensions, for those of you with fancy widgets!)

An owl.
"I'm Impressed" is a pretty cool TMBG song. Dunno why this is pink though.

I’ve also been getting into trouble at the local Tracht shop.

Yes, I am wearing lederhosen.

Otherwise life has involved a certain amount of stress between wondering where I will live for the last month of my trip, wondering where I will be working come the summer, wondering how I will make things work down the road… and so on. I bought Unseen Academicals by Terry Pratchett, so I’ve been making some slow progress on that – it seems like an appropriate book, as I am apparently learning how soccer works and definitely coming to enjoy it. I’ve watched (or at least had the ticker on in the background) pretty much all the recent FC Bayern games and paid an unexpected amount of attention to them. I also went to a Cologne hockey game, which was super-exciting by the end, as we finally managed to catch up and win by the skin of our teeth. My dad says I’m turing into a sports fan and he won’t recognize me when I come back! D: I blame Patrick. He recently made up for it though by finding a good art exhibit to accompany me to, so it’s not all sports in my spare time. I had an enjoyable afternoon at one of Cologne’s art museums learning about Cabanel, one of France’s foremost “academic” (ie state-approved/traditional) artists while all that Impressionist stuff was going on during the 19th century and upsetting the aristocrats.

Let’s see, I think that’s pretty much it for now. Oh, and I finally have a ticket home to the US. :/ Not really sure how I’m feeling about that.

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