Shadowrun Game

I haven’t really discussed the new Shadowrun game my group here has been playing since Midgard ended. So far I’ve been really enjoying it and have been pretty disappointed every second week, when the rest of the group plays Pathfinder/D&D 3.5. I feel a lot more comfortable and notice the language barrier much less, probably because of the modern/futuristic setting, and it being set in Seattle, and having had more time to construct my character.

Perhaps too much time… I may have gotten a little silly. Check out my character description:

Natalya “Cygil” Rune:

Stocky dwarf woman with a ruddy complexion, dark hair (when it’s not dyed) and asian eyes, generally dresses in comfortable, practical clothes that are rugged and padded due to her off-road motorcycle hobby. In her late teens she had a fit of dwarf pride, and got a fiber optic beard implant as she considers it necessitated by tradition that all dwarfs have beards.

A year and a half ago she lost her job in a chemical manufacturing plant after an explosion on the production line cost her a leg. Since replacing it with a synthetic limb, she has decided to take out her wealth of anger on the corporations that would allow this to happen and on the Man in general. On top of that, she sees systems and institutions as a personal challenge for breaking into. After meeting Torch in an online club and doing some brainstorming about a plan, they turned to shadowrunning and did a couple of small jobs with another team (all of who were killed in their most recent mission) before meeting up with their current group.

If Cygil weren’t so busy working on being an angry rebel, she’d probably fit the bohemian style – she enjoys contemporary art like Assemblage and Abstract Expressionism and would probably like Starbuck’s old apartment on Caprica, and does some large canvas paintings of her own. She enjoys a variety of avant garde music forms including Ukranian nuclear fuzz-grunge and glitch techno. Cygil enjoys spending free afternoons practicing angry grunge techno music at high volumes on her electronic setup. It is, after all, important to expand the musical tastes of her middle-class neighbors, even that one old guy upstairs who’s an anti-meta son of a bitch.

In addition to this silly creation, we have Patrick’s hacker, Torch, who is a typical skinny human nerd plus horribly-gelled blond hair in the required big black coat. Apparently he and Cygil know each other from a previous group, although we haven’t really roleplayed that aspect. We have Juri’s high-society alcoholic elf, Sunra, as our Face and an Amazonian shamanistic elf as our Technomancer, an orc Street Samurai who doubles up with me on our covert ops breaking-and-entering stuff, and one other character, but I unfortunately can’t remember which (hey, we’ve had two games over the past four weeks and some people were only there for one of the two games).

Week 1 was finishing up our character creation, each describing a scene in our normal daily lives, and then meeting the contractor for our assignment. Week 2, we did a bunch of googling and researching, and then drove down to Tacoma. Our assignment: retake a boy who had been violently kidnapped from his family’s home and is currently being held by a pack of orcs on their home territory – a terribly run-down apartment building, complete with broken stairwells and unstable balconies. After lots of climbing around on the outside of the apartment building, our orc and I finally arrived at the balcony of the target group’s apartment, only to look through the window and see a complete family of orcs sleeping peacefully. The rest of the group, who was doing some more hacking and holding down the basecamp outside, got a call from another employer offering more money and more honesty about the real situation we were being hired for, but ultimately for the same task. It turns out the boy we were supposed to recapture was in reality the son of the family, not brutally kidnapped by them. And that’s about as far as we’ve made it, since there’s been all the intervening D&D playing going on.

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