A couple of things I worked on have gone to print in the last couple of weeks and I finally got a chance to take some photos!

My initial project from the start of my internship – composing the cover photograph for this magazine (including photoshopping the store photos within the photo to look like different time periods), then editing it after a professional photographer took the picture according to my specifications.

A small project I had was to make a graphic along the lines of the I ♥ NY logo for the company that publishes the above magazine. Although it was a short project it was pretty cool because I get a reusable shopping bag out of it printed with my design!

As far as life goes, it’s continued in much the same vein for the past month or two… work, come home, hang out with Patrick, watch the Daily Show or soccer, or play an RPG or Wii with friends, or go out to a bar, attempt to go to bed early, relax on the weekend while making sure I buy groceries in time. Also washing my clothes to try to get the smell of smoke out from the night at the bar. Start again on Monday. On Saturday I went to a bar full of fans cheering for the other team and watched Bremen lose to FC Bayern, which was fun but not as interesting a study of crazy German football fans as I hoped. With being sick and panicking about finding a place to live I haven’t managed much else, but now I’m moving in to a place near Rudolfplatz – closer to the center of town. It’s pretty conveniently located between the university/student district and downtown, but I’m disappointed about moving away from Nippes. I was getting to like the neighborhood.

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