A number of Germans have been asking me what stereotypes Americans have of this country, and after trying to design a simple letterhead for TEAMGOLD, I have to say that DIN and their absolutely absurd quantity of standards (see the Wikipedia list of standards which include things like “hexagon weld nuts” and “scaling ladder; made from light wood,” which are important to have standards for, but seem miniscule) strikes me as something only Germans could come up with. I love the DIN paper sizes because they’re so logical, with each being half the size of the next (yes… I have given a certain amount of thought to the advantages of different paper dimensions… >.<) and they’re based on the Golden Ratio, which makes them easy to work with from a design point of view. But as a foreigner having to learn these for the first time, all the other standards like, “address lines for the window of a business envelope should be 6-7pt text in something like Arial or Times, placed 20mm from the edge of the page…” strikes me as an unnecessary level of detail. This is exactly the kind of thing Americans expect Germans to be obsessed with.

Yeah… well people were curious what things I’ve noticed from living here. So there you go. After all, this is the country that supposedly used to give its military instructions stating, “At a water depth of 1.2m, the soldier begins swimming. Here the required greeting may be omitted.”

At any rate, back in December, I finished TEAMGOLD’s business stationery stuff. I’ve made up a PDF for my portfolio (which I’m in the process of updating), so please see this link to see how I (with advice from my coworkers) went about developing the design for Marc Nölke! One of these days I hope to get photos of his coming-someday professionally printed cards with shiny gold ink… I was delaying posting this in hopes that we would get a sample from him, but I’m starting to lose hope.

Be sure to note the first round of design for the business card! To my surprise and amusement, it received the following comment from the client: “Die Visitenkarte ist mir etwas zu viel Disko bzw. Porno.” As a result, the card background is white instead of the more unusual chocolate-black I originally had in mind.

Also, don’t forget to see his Facebook page, which has links to videos that show off my logo on the slopes :D

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  1. Abe
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    The best standard is clearly DIN 16518: “Classification of Types.”

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