Monthly Archives: March 2011

My work here is done.

My internship ended on Friday, and after a few days to relax and fritter away my time, I’m headed off to Florence as of tomorrow afternoon! Four and a half days of art history overload, visiting places like the Uffizi Gallery and the Palazzo Medici, which Professor Amy would have you believe is one of the most architectural-historically-important (more…)

Shiny Things

Work recently has involved photoshopping a LOT of photos of people for our clients’ publications, but somewhere in there I did a project to create a little callout “Störer” thing for an office supply catalogue’s eco-friendly products. It was kind of fun to make lots of shiny buttons, although there was a certain amount of head (more…)

Six Days of Drinking

Thursday opened the Karneval celebration proper in Cologne. Several of my coworkers took Thursday and Friday off, either to spend more time celebrating or to run away from the city-wide party. So things were really busy while we struggled to make up for the missing people, so it was pretty much all work and no play. Nonetheless, (more…)