Italian Kitties

Friday I took my time in getting up, seeing as I’d had so much extra time the day before. I took the bus into town to the Palazzo Pitti and its gardens, and spent the morning wandering around.


Most pictures when I get a chance to go through what I took, but in the meantime here are two pictures of the kitty I saw sunning itself in the palace gardens. It looked warm and content enough to melt into the gravel. Notice the resemblance to my own Italian kitty, Ciao!

There were two little boys who were having a great time chasing these lizards through the garden.

I found a nice place to eat and had some tortellini and wine and watched the waiters try to keep up with their customers. After lunch I wandered back to the palace, but the exhibit I wanted to see cost extra on top of the already-expensive admission, so I checked out the Russian paintings exhibit and an exhibit about dresses through the ages, including some Medici clothing. (Codpieces never cease to puzzle me.) By the time I finished, the sun was kind of faded to take more pictures, so I didn’t spend too much longer in the park and instead went back to the hostel. I never got a chance to go back to Fiesole because clouds moved in and the light wasn’t all that great for taking photos the rest of the trip – by the time I left Florence on Monday, it was pouring rain.

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