Orc Building

Last Shadowrun session, we spent a lot of time arguing about the moral and material advantages and disadvantages of kidnapping a boy from his family when three corporations are out looking for him and will get him one way or another.

Eventually we talked ourselves into the idea that it was better to snap him up before someone else did, and then once we had him, to collect the information we needed about why he would be so important to all these megacorps. Plus, we didn’t want to make enemies with them since they found out who at least one of us is in his normal life.

Ahh, the moral quandaries of RPG groups. And their inevitable resolution which will be contrary to what any sane real person would decide.

Unfortunately for pretty much everybody else in the group, Onk Bak and Cygil (the two sneaky characters) were the only people positioned to actually take action on this decision, as the two of us had just spent hours crawling around the outside of the building like spiders and had finally positioned ourselves outside the target apartment. We then had to debate the method for getting him out of an apartment with 10+ sleeping orcs at length, to which the others weren’t able to contribute much either. By the end of the game I felt pretty bad for their lack of involvement in the entire session. We tried hacking the elevator so we could hold it ready as an escape route, but just ended up getting it stuck halfway down the shaft with us in it, so even our attempt to at least involve Torch in the plan failed. Finally we just settled on throwing a smoke grenade, which Onk Bak had luckily thought to bring along, into the apartment. The problem was that we were so engaged in being sneaky about throwing it that we only noticed the layout of the apartment (a hallway with closed doors to each bedroom) afterwards, so we had to sneak in and open all the doors while the orcs were waking up and freaking out about their residence being on fire.

Two of the kids came out before we were really concealed and spotted Onk Bak, giving me a chance to once again display my awesome team spirit when it comes to RPGs, as I stayed hidden and let him deal with the two of them. He’s an orc, after all – I figured he had a better chance of talking them into believing a cover story without a crazy-looking dwarf chick in covert ops gear helping him explain. Once they were convinced that the whole building was on fire and he had just been trying to alert them (with a tazer gun? not sure how they bought that one), they ran off to help their family escape. That being achieved, we stood outside the door and tried to look like the wall (our Chameleon Suits helped with that at least) until the target boy ran past and we could grab him. We would have managed it except his mom was right behind him, so we had to wrestle with her as well as a teenage orc while trying to make our escape out onto the balcony and down to the rest of our team at the base camp.

Thanks to our fancy tech gear stuff (and not having much else to do) the rest of the team were well prepared for our arrival, and we were basically able to abseil (how obscure is that word, English speakers? It comes from the German, but we do actually use it sometimes, right? Or do I just know absurdly obscure vocabulary?) with the subdued orc boy right into the waiting getaway car.

Sadly Cygil’s motorcycle got left behind in the parking lot, and we had to cram about three times the number of people the car could hold into the one vehicle. Cygil is concerned what the orcs will get up to with her motorcycle, but she’s holding onto the hope that it was parked in such a way that they would just figure it belonged to one of the residents there and not realize it was associated with the shadowrun team.

Let’s find out what shenanigans the shadowrunners get up to next week. In the meantime, Karneval starts in Cologne tomorrow, so I will be celebrating my birthday in the midst of six solid days of drunk Germans.

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