Shiny Things

Work recently has involved photoshopping a LOT of photos of people for our clients’ publications, but somewhere in there I did a project to create a little callout “Störer” thing for an office supply catalogue’s eco-friendly products. It was kind of fun to make lots of shiny buttons, although there was a certain amount of head scratching as I tried to make them look different from each other, but similar, and make them pretty but attention-grabbing among the garish pages of the catalogue.

Here is my process of developing shiny things – Click on the image to load the whole PDF.

The client waited until we got through the initial round of design to tell us we were developing the wrong thing; they actually wanted a whole text box that would fit into the layout (instead of sitting on top of certain products on the page) to describe how awesome their stuff is.

Then they decided they didn’t want the silhouette direction after all – they were dead set on having tree frogs, for whatever reason. So the end result came out pretty different from my initial ideas.

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