Back in the U.S.

Quick post: I’m back at my parents’ in Illinois, jet lagged and disoriented from 20+ hours of travel. I have a bunch of half-written blog posts that I need to sort out before I can post them (not to mention IRL things like doing my taxes, catching up on my health checkups, and looking for a job). I have two more days of Florence stuff to cover, as well as all the pictures, and a recount of my last couple of days in Germany, and so on, so check back when I have a chance to sort that all out!

The flight was unusually good (you know it’s going to be a great trans-atlantic flight when the aisle seat next to you is empty). I think maybe AA has tried to pep up their service by providing lots of extra drinks and some extra food, and I got a book of Asimov robot stories in German, which was pretty interesting for the flight. I’ve decided that as an alternate to reading 5th-grade level books in German, reading new books from authors whose style I already know well is extremely helpful (so far I’ve done Asimov and Pratchett, and I want to try Jim Butcher in German too, but they’re taking too long to translate the newer ones). When I was in Dessau, I got pretty bored reading about magical talking animals, even if it was a more appropriate level.

Also, note to self: If you are getting a visa, and they let you pick your own expiry date, it is probably good to add an extra month to it just in case you decide to stay beyond what you’d originally planned. This will avoid lectures in annoyed German from pass control guards about “do you understand why there is an expiry date printed on this piece of paper?”

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