Well, Germany may not reach Engrish on quite the scale that Asians do, but using English words left and right is so popular that there’s a song about it. The problem is that they usually use the words wrong, and either think they’re using the actual English word (as in the case of “handy” for “mobile phone” or “beamer” for “projector”), or think they’re using a German word that just happens to sound like a butchered version of an English one (such as with “gepampert” vs. “pampered”/the actual German word “verwöhnen”). This is discussed further in several articles on Nothing for Ungood.

At any rate, I’ve found some entertaining products and restaurant names in my daily routine. Here is a small selection from when I happened to have a camera.

I admit it, I’m pretty sure I bought this because it’s called “happy time” deodorant. It constantly begs the question “how does my deodorant make my time happy?”

My train to work went by this restaurant every morning, and I had to wonder if there is also a Chuck Norris Restaurant, Café & Bar in town, because that would be awesome.

One day I was in the shopping district and saw multiple people dressed up as stormtroopers and one as Chewbacca. They were selling shoes.

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