Fab Four

So now that Patrick’s birthday present arrived, I can show it off here! ^_^ Sorry the photos are bad, I had to hurry and get it in the mail right away so it wouldn’t be any later than it already was.

I put a lot of time into learning Illustrator CS5’s awesome new Stroke Width tool and getting these to look just the way I wanted – creative, organic/handpainted, but still as minimalist as possible. It was important that they fit with his requested style, and their faces are so famous that anything less minimalist would have seemed too cliché or obvious. Hopefully if you know the four of them, you can get them without help – most fans I’ve asked have gotten three of the four easily and the fourth by process of elimination (but then, that’s still the way I do it with actual photos of them). In polling people to make sure I had the caricatures clear enough, it’s been interesting to see who says “That’s ___, obviously,” because it isn’t always the same “obvious” choice from person to person.

It was also interesting to realize how different each one’s hair is from the others – I always thought they had basically the exact same hair, but once I started looking at their photos more carefully, I realized each hairdo is actually quite distinct.

Here are closeups:


Since this was a gift, please do not use or republish them.

Unfortunately, Kinko’s doesn’t have much of a selection of art-quality papers it seems, so I was stuck with their one “watercolor” paper, which bore only a passing resemblance to real art paper much less watercolor paper. One good thing about it though is it’s very thick and a bit plasticky so it seems to resist stains and wrinkles a little better than regular paper. Even though the paper wasn’t quite what I wanted, I was pretty satisfied with the way the whole thing came out!

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  1. Angelina
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  2. Norman
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    Richtig cool, sehr gut gemacht, ich mag den Ringo am besten. Aber echt respekt, geile idee fuer ein Geschenk… LG Norman

  3. Piyush
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    Wow! That is amazing =D, I totally didn’t realize who they were until you mentioned the first name (I’m really sleepy this morning) and then I could immediately recognize the rest.

  4. Juri
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