Time to Go

I got back from Italy Monday night (the 28th) and then it was time to start packing things up and getting my last memories in before it was time to go. I went to the Cologne Opera on Thursday night with Patrick to see “The Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny” in German, by Berthold Brecht. He was a famous German writer who wrote a bunch of plays/operas including “Three-Penny Opera” and a bunch of other ones that we read in my German Theater class last winter, so it was pretty cool to actually see a live performance of his work.

The show was very good, although between the theater acoustics, the lack of microphones for the actors, and the operatic German, I couldn’t really understand any of it beyond what I’d read in the summary beforehand. That was a little disappointing since I know Brecht used a lot of clever writing, but I still enjoyed it a lot. The stage and costume design were very good and fit together well.

All dressed up to go to the opera!

Otherwise most of my days were spent packing, buying a few final souvenirs, repacking to see if I couldn’t fit all my stuff in please? and seeing more of Cologne. I had a nice walk in the park and saw an angry swan trying to scare off a dog bigger than it was.

Friday night I went out with some other people to a cool bar in Cologne called “Die Wohngemeinschaft,” which is set up with the theme of “someone’s apartment” – complete with a car parked in one room where you can have your drink. Saturday morning I took the train to Dessau and spent the afternoon dancing with the Sunheads at their weekend event. That was really fun, getting to see everybody there, and they were so friendly! They promised to give me German recipes so I could cook real German food back in the US, and I got to sleep on somebody’s couch for the night instead of in the school gym, so it was very pleasant.

The next morning I had breakfast at the school with the Sunheads and danced a little bit before making my exit to see my favorite park. I had a good brisk walk out to the bridge over the river and back to the train station before it was time to make another 5+ hour journey back to Cologne. Once back in town I finished packing and cleaning, had a nice spätzle dinner with my flatmates, and moved out. I eventually did get all my stuff packed into the backpack, mini-duffle carry-on, and camera bag that I came with – and I only had to mail a poster tube and my toy gun home! (And to my surprise, they actually delivered the toy gun five days after mailing it, despite it probably not being within US guidelines of fakeness!)

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