Silly Photos

Things have been quiet around here while I look for a job. The weather hasn’t even been all that good for taking pictures. So I have some silly things for you.

First off, the German news is apparently being silly again.

Next, what I will now always think of when I see Cosmo in the grocery store check-out. Ladies, is your man cheating on you?

And yes, these black-and-white photos are truly as inexplicable as the title claims. Though perhaps some of them have more apparent backstories than others. On a vaguely related note, vote for the historical figure with the best facial hair.

I’ve been helping my mom by going through a giant crate of family photos, and while some of them are really intriguing (especially the really old ones of wedding groups or people sitting in a 1920s parlor), some of them are just puzzling. I found a shoebox full of photos from when I first got a disposable film camera around the age of 9, with such puzzling examples of genius photography as this:

I think it actually looks almost like those hipster-photos I keep seeing online with some pithy Helvetica quotation.

There was also the stack of photos from my school trip to Germany in the summer of 2003, with an inordinate number of photos of Leipzig, a couple of nice pictures of Neuschwanstein…

And in a store window, this, whatever the hell it is.

Otherwise pretty much the only decent photos from that trip were… the ones from Dachau. Lovely. Visiting there apparently made enough of an impact that I took the time to set up my camera correctly, because most of the rest of the photos are blurry or of the backs of people’s heads. Thank goodness my photo skills have improved since said shoebox was compiled.

And lastly, though I do say it myself, I think this is awesome:

…I think it would be hard to get it any more sugary if you smothered it in frosting.

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