Monthly Archives: June 2011

Baby Birds

There’s been a nest right outside the kitchen for a while now, and I’ve been enjoying watching the inhabitants. I saw the robin bringing the first clumps of grass, and feeding the babies, and then the babies stretching their wings, and finally last night (more…)

Scandinavian Islets

Ellen in Sweden
As you can see, I loved these landscapes from the time I was this big. Also, those ladybug mittens were the best thing ever, along with my taste in clothing!

I absolutely love the Scandinavian landscape – especially those archipelagoes full of tiny, rocky, evergreen-covered islands. Even before I was a fan of Myst, I thought they were pretty much the most beautiful, mysterious, inspiring places ever. When I lived in Sweden, there was an old dry river valley behind my family’s apartment, with huge rocks growing up out of the smooth grass bowl. (more…)

Part-time Work

Recently I got hired by a local web shop for some part time web design and programming work. It’s not as glamorous as some things in the industry, but it will help me pay the bills, get web experience in an office (since apparently even with a reasonable (more…)