Evil Dictatorships

Some weeks ago I started a country on NationStates.net. It’s been quite interesting, and I’ve been really enjoying the mix of bizarre situations on which I have to pass legislation combined with political education.It’s fun running my own country and seeing how my tax rate, civil rights, and so on respond to what I pass. I can even see what my citizens are dying from!

My country is The Matriarchy of the Mad Gods. I don’t have a particular agenda other than the sort of vague “what would the mad gods do?” although that’s sort of fallen by the wayside to my random whims. I must not be doing too bad though since I have a powerhouse economy and have won a couple of awards.

If you’re already on NationStates or decide to sign up, let me know what your country is so I can add you to my dossier!

4 Responses to “Evil Dictatorships”

  1. Abe
    | Reply

    17% of my people die from getting lost in the wilderness. An additional two percent are mauled to death by my national animal.

    I think I’m doing very well.

  2. Nate
    | Reply

    Unfortunately, too many of my people are dying from wimpy causes like ‘old age’ or ‘malnourishment’, but one percent of my people are still dying from scurvy.

  3. Patrick
    | Reply

    We are glad to announce that only 9% of our brave citizens die of old age. Makes it a lot easier to justify not having a retirement plan set up by the government.

    Keep it up (but not too long)!

    • ellen
      | Reply

      Pfft, 1% of mine die from “Suicide During Police Custody” and 5% die from “Acts of God,” so I think I have all of you beat. I think my national animal has died off rather than managing to kill my citizens…

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