Peggy’s Graduation!

The view from Lillian's apartment.

Life has been pretty boring lately to tell the truth, so I had a field trip up to Chicago and visited a couple of high school friends and then went to my best friend’s graduation from the University of Chicago.

Lillian and Rose while we travel the city.

First I hung out with Rose and Lillian and went to a couple of good restaurants (definitely visit Russian Tea Time across from the Art Institute in downtown if you’re ever in Chicago! Meals are about $15-20 and imo worth every penny), talked about the oldies music we like, caught up on each other’s news, and so on.

Saturday I spent six hours outside in the 60º weather to watch Peggy graduate in Anthropology. The weather was miserable – but could have been worse since it didn’t actually rain – but it was nice to get to know her extended family better. They are all so nice and friendly! I guess Texans are good that way. :) Lunch was in the U of Chicago Hogwarts Library (okay, I don’t know what it’s actually called, but it definitely could have been used as a set for the movie). We went out for Chinese in the evening, which was tasty, and then had cake at the hotel.

Sunday I finally won a game of Kicker/Foosball! Lillian and I went to her apartment building’s game room and had an excellent and highly-skilled game of “who can better avoid putting the ball in her own goal?” That was a lot of fun. Then it was back to Peggy’s family to see the Blues Festival, go shopping for her brother’s birthday present, and find lunch before we drove back home.

Sunday in the park with the Joneses.

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