Scandinavian Islets

Ellen in Sweden
As you can see, I loved these landscapes from the time I was this big. Also, those ladybug mittens were the best thing ever, along with my taste in clothing!

I absolutely love the Scandinavian landscape – especially those archipelagoes full of tiny, rocky, evergreen-covered islands. Even before I was a fan of Myst, I thought they were pretty much the most beautiful, mysterious, inspiring places ever. When I lived in Sweden, there was an old dry river valley behind my family’s apartment, with huge rocks growing up out of the smooth grass bowl. I loved the way they formed islands which I could sail between without any need of a boat. I spent hours clambering over them and imagining things while I explored the same patches of forest over and over again.


When I picture my “dream house” of where I wish I could live when I’m retired, it looks pretty much exactly like this. A Swedish-red farmhouse perched on a little island in the middle of a river/fjord/lake with lots of bare rocks sloping down to the cold northern waters, the whole thing surrounded by dark, verdant trees. Other people aren’t too far away, but there’s lots of quiet space to explore. ^_^

Myst in real life!! You see why I like this kind of landscape.

Some day I want to visit Caspar David Friedrich‘s north German island of Lübeck to see where he drew his inspiration from. The beautiful desolation, with all its mystery and loneliness, is conveyed superbly even with such simple images as a tree in a winter meadow. Maine’s coast looks kind of similar I gather, so I’m also interested in going there and exploring with my camera if I can’t afford to go to Scandinavia…

Although it can be said of many of the other scenes too, I like the stories I see in this guy‘s photography – of course these remind me of the brothers’ Ages in Myst IV, for obvious reasons. Click to see the post where I found them.

And these following ones by Peter Boel remind me of the most beautiful parts of Sweden… Again, click on one of the pictures to see his whole gallery from the trip.


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