First Weeks @ Accuraty

A few weeks ago I started part-time at Accuraty Solutions in downtown Champaign. It’s been going well, although many days fluctuate between “wondering what I should be doing” and “frustration with the usability of our CMS” as I learn how to help withupdating our web projects. Thankfully the senior designer actually likes web programming a lot and says I won’t have to do the skinning etc if I don’t want to, so there have been plenty of good days focusing on redesigning local businesses’ websites.

Over the past year or so, I’ve been learning how important it is to have the right toolkit on hand for web design. There are so many websites out there with freely available assets, from icons to swatches to entire Photoshop layouts. Since discovering this, I’ve struggled with the idea of this being “cheating” – after all, it’s using someone else’s work to speed up my workflow. But apparently this is just the nature of web design – as long as you play fair and only use free-for-commercial-use downloads (unlike Adidas, apparently, who used the awful freebie font Action Man to make the German national women’s soccer team’s jerseys…) Anyway, these days I’m having a lot of fun playing with and dissecting those freebies to learn how to make my designs more polished and detail-oriented. It really lets me concentrate on creating, rather than reinventing the shiny button every time.

Anyway, the office. I took some photos at work the other day, so you can see most of the inhabitants. There are seven people, including the two part-time employees. Everybody has that nice midwestern friendliness that makes working together pleasant. I’ll post projects I’ve done when the get cleared for release.

My boss, Jeremy
Anne, the project manager
Kerstin, the designer, and Justin, the programmer and musician
Matt, one of the other two programmers in the programmer cave

In other news, we’re getting solar cells on our roof, which is taking forever, but when it’s finished, it’ll be exciting! And I’ve actually started using my twitter, so keep an eye on that if you’re into that kind of thing.


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  1. Ruth
    | Reply

    Thats really cool Ellen!
    Glad you’re enjoying your new workplace. I’ve often wondered the same thing regarding using “freebie” icons. However, it does speed up the workflow, and if its commercial free than sure why not =]

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