July Update

Things have been quiet, not too much going on… but that’s fine with me. Had a good 4th of July with some friends, and saw my best friend’s mom perform at the local hippie grocery store. She and her duet partner sound really good! The weather has been stiflingly hot, but is cooled down for the moment.

Blues at Strawberry Fields

Monday night I went out with my best friend and had a great time enjoying tasty drinks and talking about all sorts of girly stuff. I really don’t get enough estrogen in my life these days! :) Work has been good, I’m getting a lot of good practice in with designing websites. I’ve been working with my first real CMS (much more powerful than WordPress, though perhaps not as user-friendly) and developing a website for a local apartment rental business. I made their design, and now the challenge is making it. Definitely good stuff.

Preview (and slightly pixelly) button from a website I'm doing at work.

I also got a new freelance client, and am doing a design for Peggy’s mom’s open education blog that she plans to start soon. I’m excited about both of them, we’ll see how they turn out.

So that’s life at the moment.

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