Christmas Lens

It was lately Christmas, as you may have noticed. My parents are back from sabbatical in Eugene, Oregon, and we celebrated the holiday nicely together with delicious food and so on. I went to some nice parties for friends and coworkers, and we all went to the UU church’s Christmas Eve service, which was very nice as usual.

I got a new lens for my camera, the Canon 10-22mm, which is an extremely wide-angle lens for taking pictures of panoramas and architecture and things like that. I’m still working out how best to take pictures with it, since it covers about the entire view your eye can see (which makes it hard to avoid getting things like telephone poles in the picture) and tends to have a certain amount of barrel distortion (where straight lines come out curved because of the view angle). Here are some pictures from our Christmas day and subsequent walk.

And from Tuesday morning when it snowed here.

Another BIG present that came on Friday was a job offer to go be a full time Junior Art Director (clever trendy title pending) for StormFrog in Rochester, NY. I’ll have full benefits and a very good salary, but I have to get a car and move out there ASAP as I’m starting January 9th! There’s some talk of me getting to do things like brand design in addition to wireframes, which would be exciting.

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