Grandparent Trip

I went up to New Hampshire over the weekend to visit my grandparents with my dad. We had a good time with them. My grandfather did some wandering though the forest with us, and we kept my grandmother company in her nice chair by the fireplace. It was quite a nice visit.

The whale rock outside their house.
I love New Hampshire forests and granite.

They have a very cozy cottage in a retirement village in the middle of the New Hampshire forests and mountains. It seems like the perfect place to retire for people like them. Until a few years ago, my grandfather would teach ski lessons at a local slope, and both of them liked wandering in the forest and taking care of the garden. The community takes care of all their needs, from cleaning the cottage to providing food and medical care.

They have a little greenhouse porch in the back, and I had fun taking pictures of the plants in the bright morning sun. I’m pleased because these are the only pictures I took on the porch, and I think they all came out quite well, considering that there aren’t any extra photos that failed.


So we had several nice walks around the community’s woods, and the one Saturday morning had enough good sunlight to take a bunch of pictures. Here are some:

My dad took a couple of nice pictures of me too, while we were all wandering around in the woods.

This is my favorite :P

The rest of the day was mostly spent sitting around and talking, but we got my grandmother out for a bit of a walk around the river dam before the sun went down.

After a nice day and a half with them, my friend Piyush came and picked me up and we hung out in Lowell, MA for another day before I went home.

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