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We got an assignment at work in October to make a new website for the Illinois Green Business Association, which went live just last week. I was excited to be assigned to this since I’m interested in working with more humanitarian projects through work, and since they’re young energetic professionals who were willing to listen to our advice, they’ve been a great client. They also share the floor in our office building with us, so it was nice to see them all the time in the break room. Unfortunately I don’t have a screenshot of the original site to show you at the moment.

In the meeting with them, they described themselves as fresh, professional, and of course green, overflowing with initiatives and social media participation, and by the time we left the meeting, I had a pretty clear idea of what would be appropriate. Over the next few days I laid out a black and white wireframe…

And then laid a stylized color version over the interface I’d built. I’m really proud of the glass effect around some of the boxes! :) Having the boxes for the wireframe all laid out and pinned down in advance really helped put the stylized version on top. It’s called skinning for a good reason – like laying the muscle and skin down over a skeleton.

After that I turned it over to Kerstin for the markup and development. She’s a lot better and faster at that, and working with a non-profit, we needed to keep the hours spent on the project lower. We did some small updates to the design that are reflected in the live site and then it was filling in their content. I had a lot of fun coming up with the headlines and their attitude once the implementation was done.

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