Monthly Archives: January 2012

Pittsford Apartment

So, as of last night I’m moved into my currently-permanent residence in Pittsford, NY. It’s a condo in a little subdivision just down the road from the Pittsford Wegmans (and soon a Trader Joe’s, plus lots of other stores) on one side and the Erie Canal on the other. (more…)

Starting at StormFrog

You may recall that right before Christmas I got a job offer to go work at StormFrog, where I did some freelance work in 2010. I promptly (if regretfully) put in my notice at Accuraty, packed my bags and got myself a plane ticket, since they needed another designer as soon as possible. (more…)

Design Links

Between the holidays and my departure from work as of tomorrow, things have been very quiet for me at Accuraty lately. I’ve been working on a new logo for them, which is quite exciting even though I’m leaving right away. (more…)