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Between the holidays and my departure from work as of tomorrow, things have been very quiet for me at Accuraty lately. I’ve been working on a new logo for them, which is quite exciting even though I’m leaving right away. Getting art direction from Aclewe while I was working there on the TEAMGOLD logo definitely taught me so much that my design classes didn’t have time to refine on. Thinking back to that process for the Accuraty logo has been good. So to help with that I’ve spent a lot of time perusing logo and general design blogs and have found some beautiful links.

  • The Dieline – as the name indicates, this is for package design, but the designs and products they exhibit are so amazing and inspirational that I will definitely be subscribing to their RSS!
  • For Print Only – similar to The Dieline, this one focuses on stunning print work, and really makes you wish you had the budget for letterpress printing. Which brings me to Studio on Fire’s blog of their letterpress shop work. More drool-worthy stuff there. Under Consideration also runs Brand New in addition to FPO, which is a good blog of branding and logo work.
  • Logo Design Love also has a lot of nice links, and many of the articles are quite short and bite-sized.
  • is the place to be currently when it comes to show-and-tell for the world’s best digital designers, and where you can be weeded out if you don’t behave. is also good although not as picky about who joins. Between the two of them they seem to set a large fraction of current design trends.
  • – I like this guy’s work quite a bit (at least what’s listed on the site), and wish I could see an exhibit of it sometime. Apparently he made the iconic slash-in-a-square Deutsche Bank logo plus a lot of other logos, but I also like his less-directly-design, more artistic pieces.
  • Viget Font Roundup – a long list of font pairings that are useful for book design, but with the prevalence of print-style digital design as a fashion, I’ll be using this as a reference when I next have fonts to pick out. Relatedly, H&FJ’s advice on mixing fonts. I love their writing style that makes each font sound like a finely-crafted wine. In fact, I’ll just list the article where I got these links and more from:
  • – It’s nice to be able to buy a font knowing it’s better produced than the homemade ones that populate free font sites. They have pretty good prices and a mind-boggling selection that’s constantly growing. They have a really great newsletter too, which I highly recommend and which I absolutely love reading whenever it comes around. The newsletter from FontShop is also good, but since their prices are higher it doesn’t have me drooling and wishing for a bit of a font budget quite the way MyFonts does.

Also, I really want a deck of these Icelandair cards.

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