Work from Accuraty

A couple of my projects have gone live now!, for which I set the design style, is live. Kerstin did all the implementation and a lot of the refining of the design, and we both worked on rewriting their copy text to be a little more marketing-oriented and a little less home-grown. I like the way it came out, doesn’t it start you salivating just from that palette? is also live, which I spent vast amounts of time over the summer working and reworking as we learned that free DNN templates are probably not the way to go for a low-budget non-profit. The final design is all Kerstin, and she was very proud of it and pleased when the client finally accepted her total redesign from the template we had originally been tweaking. (by the way, type-knowlegeable people check out the 0’s in the “KICKAP00” sign at the bottom – just like on their actual park sign :P)

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  1. Angus Rockett
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    Life for you is really moving fast these days. What a lot going on and things looking really great. Glad that so much seems to be going right these days. Hope it continues for a long time.

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