Empire State Games Logos

One of my first StormFrog projects back in January was to make a logo option for the Empire State Games that would be presented alongside designs from two other designers here for their pleasure. I did some research into the Olympic Games logos, as these games bear a certain resemblance to a state version of the Olympics. After looking through the images and doing some sketches (most of which really didn’t turn out) I developed them further into the “running torch” mark, paired it with Brandon Grotesque Black, and dropped it in the presentation. I used my beloved stroke width tool over a Wacom/Photoshop sketch to get the graceful lines.

Ellen Rockett's Empire State Games Logo

My coworker Matt and another designer from our sister company downstairs did the other two designs, the “victory flame”/”competition sphere” and the “ESG torch” respectively. Matt focused on a darker campfire version of the primary color palette I used, and the third designer used a modified blue and gold choice based on the old logo.

View the full PDF with our references and designs.

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