Overdue Update

Holy crap, an update! Life here has been much the same from day to day, lots of various drama at work and mostly nothing too interesting to post. Most evenings I’ve been glad once I’m home to just make some dinner, watch some Netflix or play Torchlight, and read A Storm of Swords by Mr. Martin. I joined a choir at the First Unitarian Church here but from the sound of it, they may not be scheduled to sing again this school year, so I was only at one performance. I also signed up for a shift of chaperoning a youth CON at the end of the month, which will be interesting to see it from the other side. I hope it will be fun! Last weekend was also the Service Auction for the church so I went to that and met some nice new people – but I think they really need a practiced auctioneer. People probably would have been willing to bid a lot higher (or maybe even to come in the first place) if it had been more engaging and fast-paced. Otherwise I’ve been cooking and enjoying the time I have to relax.

On the 15th, Rochester has its ADDY Awards, which StormFrog is doing all the show design for. I’ve been doing a large part of the visual design for that and it’s been interesting since it’s something of a moving target as we test cutting-edge technologies only to have them fall through. It will be interesting to see how the award show comes out next week with all of that. The website linked there is the preshow gallery which a couple of my coworkers and I set up. I was impressed with how fast they whipped it out, more or less from scratch from the sound of it, complete with database stuff and everything! I hope you’ll take a look through the work, this is kind of our Oscars ceremony.

Also, my last project for Accuraty is live, the one I was really proud of! Schum Law Office now has an updated, leather-club-room style website, which I find kind of funny for a lawyer. I really enjoyed making it since we were aiming to outdo our competition and had some extra time for design.

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