Monthly Archives: April 2012

Letchworth Park

Patrick and I went down to Letchworth Park on Friday afternoon. It was summer weather, warm and sunny with a lovely breeze. Unfortunately, after driving an hour and being out in the sun with Patrick, I was too busy enjoying the afternoon and the walk to bother checking the settings on my camera – or the display after each picture. (more…)

Niagara Falls

Patrick is here for most of April, and since there’s not much for him to do while I’m at work other than hang around the house and go for walks, I took a half day on Friday and we drove up to Niagara Falls for the afternoon. The weather was sunny and cool and we were able (more…)

Mid-March Photos

Like most of the country, we had an abnormally warm stretch in March, and I got out for a walk around the Erie Canal in Pittsford one Sunday. Here are some of the pictures. There are a lot of beautiful buildings in the little town, and as the trees come into flower and leaf (more…)