Letchworth Park

Patrick and I went down to Letchworth Park on Friday afternoon. It was summer weather, warm and sunny with a lovely breeze. Unfortunately, after driving an hour and being out in the sun with Patrick, I was too busy enjoying the afternoon and the walk to bother checking the settings on my camera – or the display after each picture. Unfortunately that means that when I got home, I realized my ISO was on 400 and my exposure was set too high, so a lot of the pictures didn’t come out very well. Guess I’ll just have to go down there again in the summer and try again a little more carefully!

We saw a little garter snake sunning himself. He was pretty darn cute, and held very still for us, so I was able to whip out the manual focus, which I very rarely use. I miss my dad’s camera’s split-crystal focus thingamajig so you could tell quantitatively when it was focused. You can see him here peeking out between the blades of grass, but he’s pretty well-camoflaged.

We also saw a goose with an egg, perched on a very small ledge over the gorge. The guy next to us wondered where the chick would go when it had to learn to fly, since there wasn’t much room for it to wander.

We got to the falls right around the photographic golden hour, which was excellent timing. I was bummed to get home and find the photos with their failed settings hadn’t done justice to it at all.

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