New Furniture

I have a hugeass bedframe and similarly enormous dresser, a somewhat flimsy desk, and a very sturdy coffee table all off Craigslist, which is pretty good. I had to rent a UHaul for the bedroom stuff, and it was HUUUUUGE (as they say in Rochester). It was also a crazy driving experience, and definitely taught me some things about mirrors and blind spots!

As you can see, it’s starting to look more like a real living place.

I also have three different potted plants now: the big peace lily in my kitchen which I got several months ago, a little basil plant Patrick got while he was here, and a hanging plant which is new.

The peace lily has been doing great, putting up flowers and new leaves and generally taking over the corner of my kitchen where it lives – so I’m looking forward to the hanging plant moving in. It’s a sort of vine thing, and I’ve had it for about a week now and it’s already starting to reach out new tendrils and leaves. I find it fascinating to watch, since when I bought it at Wegmans, all the reaching tendrils had been trimmed off, and given a few weeks of reasonable care and lots of watering it will clearly be taking over my window. It also reminds me a lot of Edanna and Atrus’s study on J’nanin, with its pots of climbing plants, which is of course awesome. ^_^

The boss’s wife at work is really into plants, so I’ve been taking the opportunity to learn and get tips from her on the keeping of mine. She says that since I’ve been watering the peace lily every day it “must be loving” me, and I do kind of get that sense. I can see why that study about old people taking care of plants vs them letting the nursing home staff do it turned out as it did! The peace lily is nice since it’s very big and I can water it regularly every day before work, so I can remember to take care of it … and it likes the indirect sunlight from my north-facing windows.

The basil and the vine plant want more direct sunlight, so that’s a bit more of a challenge. At least the hanging plant says it likes water so I can fit that into my schedule too. The basil seems more finicky, I keep having trouble with its leaves turning yellow, but I’m starting to get the hang of it.

This is all so exciting because I notoriously forget for two weeks and then flood half the kitchen when I water my parents’ plants, and they’re self-admittedly not great houseplanters either, so maybe given more time I’ll have a jungle here in my apartment – a new experience. I definitely thought that was nice when I was in Germany, so many of the places I stayed had plants in the apartment if not in the bedroom itself.

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