Monthly Archives: June 2012

Adventure to DC

I took last Friday off to go down to our nation’s capital and visit with a couple of my best friends. The day started off early, around 4:30am, with a drive to the airport. The flight was just a little hop, barely an hour, and the sun as we came up was lighting the clouds beautifully – pink on one side and blue on the other. I read for a while (giving my mom’s copy of The Happiness Project a try), and on the way back down, there were awesome “god rays” shining through the clouds (more…)

Motherly Visit

A week ago (hey, time after the work day is precious, I keep forgetting to update when I do have stuff to say!) my mom came to visit me on her way forward to the trail. In case you haven’t been following her Trail Journal, she’s been hiking the Appalachian trail since January. She started in Georgia, but fell and fractured her wrist while hiking with my dad on a ridgetop in a storm in Virginia, and had to (more…)

Awards for Accuraty!

I didn’t think to post the news when I got it a couple of weeks ago (my mom has been telling me to update my blog more often…), but two of the sites I designed at Accuraty won awards from the Content Management System Association. Accuraty won awards for four of their sites in each’s division (all that were submitted!): (more…)